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Post by Admin Wed 01 Jun 2011, 09:31

Holdem Manager is a fully featured hand history program that provides stats on yourself and your opponents.

It comes packed with a customizable Heads-Up Display and has add-ons available like a table selector, a module called Leak Buster, and a tool to track Omaha hands.

Holdem Manager is very versatile and is packed with hundreds of game play statistics to analyze, graphing features, and tons of filters for any conceivable scenario.

Put together and it rates as one of the best pieces of poker software available.

Product Features

- Replay hands with current historical stats
- Heads Up Display (HUD) with customizable pop-ups
- Multiple stats displaying profitable situational stats
- Mucked display to see your opponents mucked cards
- Unlimited database size

Also, you can benefit from a series of Apps developed especially for Hold'em Manager

- Table Ninja: Provides a suite of tools that allows multitablers to play more tables with less effort so they can increase their hourly win rate. TableNinja lets you focus on the tough poker decisions because it automates everything else.

- Leak Buster: Do you know what areas of your game are costing you big money? Leak Buster will find them for you. Designed to immediately find the weaknesses in your game and give you expert advice on how to plug your leaks, Leak Buster can help you drastically increase your winnings.

- Table Scanner: Described by PokerSoftware as the tool that 'brings order from the chaos' and turns table selection into 'science', Table Scanner is the must have tool to instantly increase your edge. Table Scanner allows you to scan your favorite poker room based off of personalized criteria for the table where you will have the biggest advantage.

- SitNGo Wizard:Winning SitNGo players understand that the key to a successful SNG strategy is aggressive late phase play. Learning how to achieve this is the one of the most important skills in SNG play - SitNGo Wizard is a piece of software dedicated to teaching your proper late phase play and turning you into a formidable SNG player.

- Hold'em Vision Pro: A graphical reporting and analysis tool for Hold'em Manager. It turns your Hold'em Manager data into information you can use to increase profits and exploit your opponents.

We recommend Hold'em Manager to anyone who takes poker seriously and wants to have every tool at their disposal.


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Holdem Manager Empty Re: Holdem Manager

Post by winbotter Sat 19 Sep 2015, 06:15

Quick question, this is the closest thread to my question that I can find, sorry. I’m looking for anyone that has any information on whether importing hands from a site like hhsmithy.com into PT4 or HM2 will give you an advantage, like on Stars or PartyPoker? Any information would be helpful, thanks guys!

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